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4 San Francisco Phlebotomy Training Programs
Bay Area Medical Academy

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Program

Location: One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 406, San Francisco, CA 94102

The Bay Area Medical Academy offers courses for both beginning and advanced Phlebotomists and provides training for all levels of certification. The courses available here include Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT1), Limited Phlebotomy Technician (LPT), and CPT1 for Experienced Phlebotomists.
The course can be completed on one of three schedules to meet the needs of busy students. They offer a two week intensive day course, a five week weekend course, and a four week evening course.
The first portion of this course is based on in-class learning. It includes 60 hours of lectures and practical instruction on how to be an effective Phlebotomist. Once students have completed this portion of the course and passed the certification exam, they will move on to the clinical portion of the course. During this part of the course, students will gain hands on experience in a real medical or laboratory setting.

City College of San Francisco

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Program

Location: 50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112

The City College of San Francisco offers a Phlebotomy Technician training program for those men and women who are interested in becoming certified Phlebotomists.
This course takes four and a half months to complete. It includes both theory and clinical instruction so that students will get to know the role and responsibilities of a Phlebotomist. There will be an emphasis on blood draw techniques, equipment, medical and legal considerations, infection control, safety, specimen collection, patient preparation and effective handling and storage techniques.
Students who successfully complete this course will be eligible to take the certification exam and become certified as CPT-1s.
Those who are interested in this course should visit the City College of San Francisco website for more information and to find out how to enroll.

JVS Training

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Program

Location: 225 Bush Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94104

JVS Training, or Jewish Vocational Service, offers a Phlebotomy Technician training program through their Health Care Academy. This is a free three week long program designed for full time students.
Once a student has successfully completed this program and passed the national certification exam for CPT-1, he or she will receive a Certified Phlebotomy Technician license, a 40 hour long clinical externship at a local health care facility, and job search assistance.
In order to apply to this program, students must be at least 18 years old, have graduated with a Medical Assistant or Emergency Medical Technician certificate, have proof of eligibility to work in the USA, pass a criminal background check, provide proof of selective service registration if male, and provide evidence of status as a dislocated worker or low income individual.

South San Francisco Adult Education

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Program

Location: 825 Southwood Drive, South San Francisco, CA 94080

The Phlebotomy Technician training program at South San Francisco Adult Education is offered in conjunction with Boston Reed College as part of a local Adult Education Regional Collaborations. The program costs $2995, which includes the cost of textbooks, classroom materials, and externships. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a certificate of completion.
This course meets on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Students must complete 48 hours of in class training and 40 hours at a clinical externship in order to be successful in this program.
Students who complete this program and pass the certification exam with become Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1s. Students may then go on to work in hospitals, doctors offices, and other health care facilities.

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