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16 Connecticut Phlebotomy Training Programs
Academy of Medical Training

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Class

Location: 521 Wolcott Street Waterbury, CT 06705

The phlebotomy training class offered at the Academy of Medical Training is a full-time program that is given Monday through Friday. The hours are from 8:30am-4:30pm, and the program can be completed in two weeks. The tuition of this option totals $1,200.00, with a minimum payment of $300.00 due at the time of enrollment. After that, there is a required minimum payment of $100.00 per week. Once the tuition is paid, and students have successfully completed the program, a National Certification Exam will be given at the Academy which graduates can take to become certified. The National Exam will cost students only $111.67 and space is limited so those interested should request information sooner rather than later.

Office hours are available by appointment only, and at the time of this appointment students should bring $150.00 which will be paid to reserve their spot (this will be deducted from the total tuition).

AIHT Education

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Program

Location: 300 Long Beach Blvd, Stratford, CT 06615

American Red Cross-Occupational School

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy/EKG Program

Location: 703 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT 06511

American Red Cross has an occupational school that can prepare students for a career as a phlebotomist and EKG technician. This program consists of 82 total hours (72 classroom hours and 10 clinical experience hours). The first six weeks consist of classroom training that will take place from 5:30pm to 9:30pm Monday through Wednesday. However, there is also an option if you would like daytime classes (9:00am to 3:00pm M/Tu or W/TH).

The clinical experience is given at various locations, and the American Red Cross will designate a location for each individual in training. The focus of this program is to teach students the techniques and knowledge that will help them to find employment in the medical field. The EKG portion can provide students with the extra knowledge of how to utilize and understand EKG machines.

This training program costs $900.00, which includes the cost of the textbook.

Asnantuck Community College

Programs Offered: Certified Phlebotomy Technician and Certified EKG Technician Program

Location: 170 Elm Street Enfield, CT 06082

This training program focuses on providing students with the skill set that they will need to pursue a career as a phlebotomist. The curriculum is designed to teach students: how to collect and transport laboratory specimens, how to maintain professional behavior and standards of practice, and different techniques used to obtain specimens. These lessons are provided through both classroom learning and clinical/laboratory practice. This diverse training can help students become confident in their abilities as they seek employment.

This program also includes some EKG training which can further improve students’ employability. This training option can be completed in 120 hours, and it is a WIA approved course. For more information regarding the tuition and course schedule, you can visit the site to contact the program officials.

Goodwin College

Programs Offered: Certificate in Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services

Location: One Riverside Drive East Hartford, CT 06118

The program offered here is designed to teach students all aspects of specimen collection and handling. The curriculum includes: laboratory procedures, quality control testing, practical and theoretical skills, and specimen processing.

This training option consists of 15 total credits. The mandated courses are: PHB 104, PHB 103, PHB 120, and PHB 121. These courses are in place with the intention of providing students with the diverse knowledge that they will need to seek employment in the field.

Immunizations must be kept current throughout the program, and applicants are encouraged to apply early as there are limited seats and a rolling admissions process.

Upon graduating this training, students will become eligible to sit for a national certification exam, which can improve their chances of becoming employed as a phlebotomist.

Griffin Hospital School of Allied Health Careers

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Program

Location: 300 Seymour Avenue Suite 206 Derby, CT 06418

Griffin Hospital School of Allied Health Careers offers a phlebotomy training program that is designed to prepare students to take a national certification exam. This choice is a 13-week course that is offered Tuesday through Thursday, with the option of both day and evening classes.

The curriculum has hands-on training that can help students feel confident in their abilities and also prepare them for a job in a functioning medical facility.

In order to apply, students must have either a GED/high school diploma and they must take a pre-admission exam. Additionally, a deposit is required prior to enrollment in the class.

The tuition is $1,995.00, which includes the fee for lab coats, books, the national certification exam, and a 40-hour externship. For more information, you can visit the site to contact the program officials.

Hartford Hospital

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Program

Location: 80 Seymour Street Hartford, CT 06102

The training program offered here is accredited by the National Phlebotomy Association, and is given three times a year. It includes both academic training and hands-on practice which helps to prepare students for the work that they will be responsible for as a phlebotomist.

The cost of this program is as follows: Spring and Fall cost $2,500, the accelerated summer tuition is $2,800, the home study course costs $2,500, and the books and application fees total $100. These various options are ideal for those with limited availability or those who would like an accelerated option. Also, if you choose the “lecture only” option, that will cost you $1,600.

In order to apply, students must have either a GED or high school diploma. For more recommended prerequisites you can visit the site to view more.

Manchester Community College

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Certification Program

Location: Great Path P.O. Box 1046 Manchester, CT 06045-1046

The phlebotomy certification program offered at Manchester Community College is a 180.5 hour course that can provide students with the entry-level skills that they will need to seek employment as a phlebotomist. Of the total hours, 100 of them are spent in an off-site clinical location where they will receive hands-on practice in addition to the classroom training that they have received.

Students that have successfully completed the training program become eligible to sit for a national licensure exam, which can further improve their employability.

In order to apply, students must have the proper immunizations and they must also take a reading comprehension test. For more information regarding application requirements, you can visit the site to view the program flyer.

Naugatuck Valley Community College

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Training Program

Location: 750 Chase Parkway, Room K408 Waterbury, CT 06708

At Naugatuck Valley Community College, you can receive the training that you will need to seek employment in the healthcare industry. The phlebotomy technician training offered here is a 190 hour option that includes classroom, lab, and clinical training experiences. The curriculum of this option includes: how to collect and prepare blood specimens for analysis, how to work under the direction of a medical laboratory scientist, how to understand basic coding and billing procedures, and how to process Medicare and insurance requirements and claims.

In order to apply for this program, students must have a high school diploma or GED; they must receive up-to-date immunizations and maintain personal medical insurance coverage.

The tuition for this program is $2,900; however an installment payment plan is available for those that are interested.

PICC Resource Associates, LLC

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Certification Training

Location: 4 Research Drive Suite 402 Shelton, CT 06484

PICC offers a 3-step phlebotomy training program that can help students receive the knowledge that they will need to pursue a career in the medical field. The first step of this option is an online portion which teaches students the facts and necessary information that they will need regarding phlebotomy. The online course is available 24/7 and can be completed any time between 4 weeks and 4 months (120 days). The cost of this online portion is $325.00, and the cost of the textbook (either the E-book format or printed version) is included in the tuition.

After the online course, students must complete the clinical requirements of 30 successful venipunctures and 10 capillary punctures, either at their place of employment or at a scheduled in-person phlebotomy lab class which costs $225.00.

Upon successfully completing both portions of this program, students can sit for a national certification exam.

Quinebaug Valley Community College

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Certificate Program

Location: 742 Upper Maple Street Danielson, CT 06239
729 Main Street Willimantic, CT 06226

The phlebotomy certificate program offered at Quinebaug Valley Community College is a 16 semester-hour option that is designed for students that would like to become competent in the process of taking blood specimens from patients. The curriculum is in place to help students understand, utilize, and demonstrate the numerous principles of phlebotomy as well as its safety precautions.

In order to apply, students must have: received a tetanus vaccine within the past 5 years, a Hepatitis B vaccine or proof of immunity, a negative PPD within the past 6 months, and more. Some of the courses included in the curriculum are: medical terminology, techniques in phlebotomy, investigations in health care, and fundamentals of human communication.

If you would like to view more information regarding the applications process of this option, you can visit the site to find out more.

Training Direct

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Training Program

Location: 3885 Main St., Bridgeport, CT 06606

At Training Direct there are three different programs to choose between, so individuals with different availabilities can find one that is compatible with their schedules. There is a 3 week (15 day) day program that is given Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm. The 7 week (25 day) evening program is given Monday through Friday from 5:00pm to 9:20pm. The final option is a weekend program that is offered throughout 15 Saturdays from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

In order to successfully complete either of the options, students must perform 5 live unaided, successful vein punctures and 10 unaided successful capillary collection procedures on their classmates.

In this curriculum, there is emphasis on the safety standards, legal and ethical considerations, as well as quality control procedures.

Tunxis Community College

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Training Program

Location: 271 Scott Swamp Road Farmington, CT 06032

The phlebotomy technician training program offered at Tunxis Community College consists of 160 hours, and is limited to 15 students who will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The curriculum includes: specimen collection procedures, safety and universal precautions, venipuncture, anatomy and physiology, and more.

Upon successfully completing the classroom and clinical portions of training, graduates become eligible to sit for a national licensure exam.

In order to apply, you must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED, and you must also fill out and hand in the mandatory application. Along with the application, students should also include a $35 administrative fee. Tuition must be paid within 5 days of being accepted into the program.

Valley Medical Institute

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Program

Location: 4637 Main St., Bridgeport CT 06606

Wallingford Adult Education

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy and EKG Training

Location: 37 Hall Avenue Wallingford, CT 06492

Both the clinical and classroom instruction for this program are held for 18 weeks on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, so this is a convenient option for those that work during the day.

The curriculum of this training includes: how to identify potential venipuncture sites, the mechanisms for anticoagulants, precautions for the transport and infection control of samples, and the cellular components of blood and their functions.

In addition to the curriculum (which is mainly focused around phlebotomy), students will also learn about EKG machines, and thereby further improve their employability in the market.

Upon completing this program, students will receive information regarding certification. Applying for and becoming certified are the student’s responsibility.

For information regarding upcoming start dates and fees, you can visit the site to view the program facts.

Waterbury Adult Continuing Education

Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Program

Location: 28 East Clay Street Waterbury, CT 06706

The phlebotomy program offered by Waterbury Adult Continuing Education is accredited and certified by the National Phlebotomy Association (NPA). This curriculum consists of 200 hours, which can be completed in three months. Some of the topics covered include: medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, OSHA regulations, quality assurance, infection control, and more. Students that successfully complete this program will earn national certification from the National Phlebotomy Association that is recognized in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Classes are offered in the morning, evening, and summer. The tuition is $1,200.00 (the cost of the NPA Exam is included). This tuition can be paid in cash, money order, or bank check. Personal checks will not be accepted unless you receive special authorization by the Coordinator. Personal checks will not be accepted unless you receive special authorization by the Coordinator.

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